МОЁ is an exciting new luxury brand catering to fashion conscious women who desire the ultimate in self defined style. This provocative yet ultra feminine fashion line emphasizes causal elegance and maximum luxury while incorporating cutting edge style.

Freedom and form are the two key elements that define the МОЁ luxury fashion brand. Acknowledging the past while living for the future... the possibility to choose in a voyage rich with tradition... the quarter of a century that the generation of USSR born Designer Aliona Kononova has lived very intensely reinforces the idea to remember where you came from and where you are going. The heart of the collection consists of easy wearing Jersey dresses, and key leather components such as jackets, pants and tunics for the woman who seeks both comfort and flair. МОЁ celebrates the modern women's ability to choose her own style and wear her own point of view.

In the collection there are also accessories that remind us of childhood in the USSR in a truly visual form, the like red star leather brooch.
All school children aged 6-7 had a small red star with a picture of Lenin inside. The modern day version gives the wearer the opportunity to choose and change the picture at their own will.
But the premiere accessory of the МОЁ line is the unique 1 2 clutch purse. With its architectural double square structure, it has two distinct divisions marked 1 and 2 representing a woman's duality, leaving space for things you want to take and things you need to take with you, with a style that easily crosses over from day to evening, bringing home the concept of duality and confirming that in style you can always choose.

МОЁ is a chic combination of luxury and ease making each woman comfortable in every situation. These distinctive 100% made in Italy fashion brands signature designs are constructed using geometric figures with distinct angles which not only represent today's linear style but also exemplifies the different points of view of each wearer.

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EN: All we have is roots. All our thouths are validated by our hearts. All isdecided by stars. All art is explosion of mind. All else is point of view.

IT: Tutto quelo che abbiamo sono le nostre radici. Tutto quelo che passa per la testa va filtrato con il cuore. Tutto quello che avvene e soritto nelle stele. Tutta l'arte e l'esplosione della mente. Tutto il resto sono punti di vista.

RU: Всё, что у нас есть - корни. Все мысли проверяются сердцем. Всё решают звёзды. Всё искусство - взрыв мозга. Всё остальное - угол зрения.

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